Michaela Community School graduates will have all possible doors open to them. Should they choose to go to university, including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, they will apply from a position of strength.

If they choose a different life path, the knowledge and skills acquired during their secondary school experience will stand them in good stead. Their success will be built on the strength of a curriculum that is central to our ethos. Our curriculum will prioritise rigorous, traditional academic subjects. Michaela Community School graduates will receive an education that will rival what many of their counterparts receive in the private sector.

Our aim is to nurture pupils to become engaged and informed citizens. By the time they leave Michaela, they will read novels for pleasure, and understand the basic scientific building blocks of our world. They will appreciate the beauty of maths and its practical uses, and know the joys of learning different languages. They will be equipped to better explore the world in which they live.

In essence, they will develop a love of learning and a sense of creativity that will stay with them throughout their lives.