Ethos and Values

Michaela in Stevenage will follow the highly successful ethos and values established by Michaela in Wembley Park, where we aim high and expect high standards of behaviour and academic effort and achievement from all of our pupils.

We will enable our pupils to develop the habits of self-discipline. Pupils will appreciate that success needs hard work, however, we will also ensure that pupils who are struggling to keep up receive the help and support they need to catch up from our teachers.

Our school will encourage parental and family involvement. We want parents and carers to play an active part in their child’s education at Michaela and to support our staff as they carry out their responsibilities. We will encourage our pupils to take responsibility for themselves and their decisions. Parents and pupils will sign a contract at the beginning of the year and parents will be encouraged to come into school and discuss their child’s progress.

Families must also have high expectations of the school. Michaela staff will welcome dialogue and discussion. We are keen to create an environment where we are all working for the betterment of all of our children. The goal is always that excellent behaviour and excellent learning should be second nature, not something that one has to work at constantly; it should simply be the way that we are. This is a state of mind that we want all our pupils to attain and sustain, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives.

Our school day will be longer than most secondary schools with extra-curricular activities after school to broaden pupils’ horizons and offer additional stretch and challenge.

Michaela has a strict uniform policy and pupils will be expected to wear their uniform with pride. Parents will be expected to uphold our uniform policy and ensure their children attend school neatly turned out and in full uniform.

We are excited to offer pupils a different eating experience. Rather than canteen provision, pupils at Michaela will sit at tables, eating together and engaging in conversation. Children will serve food to their classmates, clear each other’s plates and eat the food that they are given. At Michaela, we believe that school should develop the whole child. The dining experience at Michaela helps to do exactly that, teaching restraint, respect for others, and ensuring that bullying does not take place in our dining halls. Our on-site chef will cater for all food requirements and allergies with a varied and nourishing vegetarian offering, so all Michaela children will eat the food that is provided by the school.

Civic Engagement

At Michaela, pupils will be active participants in the whole community. They will appreciate how lucky they are, and will be encouraged to think about those outside who are less fortunate.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Matthew Barrie

We want our pupils to be compassionate, considerate and kind, always looking after those who haven’t been given the same opportunities.

Assemblies will often focus on encouraging pupils to widen their horizons. We will have visiting speakers to help spark a sense of obligation in pupils towards their classmates and children elsewhere.

Pupil Voice and Leadership

At Michaela, we believe wholeheartedly in building lasting relationships with our pupils, and we hope when they have left us after the Sixth Form that they will return to visit, to give assemblies, and to discuss ideas about how we can further improve education at the school.

‘Pupil perspective’ is vital and we will embrace it. Pupil voice will play an important role at Michaela. There will be a Future Leaders team that leads the student body in many areas. Future Leaders will hold various positions of responsibility, helping to organise the dining hall, the library and their fellow pupils. Future Leaders will lead conversations at lunch and give assemblies. Future Leader positions will be decided through a rigorous application and interview process.

Our guides will also hold a position of leadership, giving guided tours of the school to our visitors and guest speakers.